77s Lyrics

Genre: Christian

77s Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Five In The Nave
2 Don't Leave Me Long
3 Unbalanced
4 Don't, This Way
5 A Different Kind of Light (Live)
6 Honesty
7 Snowblind
8 Deep End
9 MT (Unreleased Alternative Mix)
10 Rocks in Your Head
11 Related
12 Pray Naked
13 The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes and the Pride of Life (Live 8-Track Demo)
14 God Sends Quails (Early Production Version)
15 Phony Eyes
16 Holy Hold
17 Pearls Before Swine
18 This Is The Way Love Is (Demo)
19 One More Time
20 Look
21 I Can't Get Over It
22 You Walked In The Room (Original Mix)
23 Leaving
24 U R Trippin'
25 Bottom Line (Demo)
26 This Is the Way Love Is (Live / Encore)
27 I've Got
28 Blue Sky
29 Pearls Before Swine (Demo)
30 Perfect Blues (Live/Unreleased)
31 It's So Sad
32 Smiley Smile
33 The Days To Come
34 Bottom Line (Live)
35 I Could Laugh
36 Snake
37 You Walked In The Room
38 Pearls Before Swine (Live)
39 Happy Roy
40 This Is The Way Love Is (Live/Encore)
41 Perfect Blues
42 The Days to Come (Live)
43 Down From You
44 Go With God But Go (Live/Unreleased)
45 This Is The Way Love Is
46 This Is the Way Love Is (Live)
47 Nowhere Else (Live)
48 Closer
49 You Still Love Me (Alternate Mix)
50 Deliverance
51 God Sends Quails
52 Begin
53 Sevens
54 Earache
55 The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes and the Pride of Life
56 Outskirts
57 Another Nail
58 Mt
59 Gravy Chain
60 A Different Kind of Light
61 Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba
62 Alone Together
63 Flowers in the Sand (Alternate Mix)
64 Flowers in the Sand
65 Bottom Line
66 Woody
67 Genuine
68 Nowhere Else
69 You Still Love Me

77s Bio

The 77s (alternatively spelled The Seventy Sevens or The 77's) are an American rock band consisting of Michael Roe on vocals/guitar, Mark Harmon on bass, and Bruce Spencer on drums.

Originally called Scratch Band, this ministry-based quartet formed in the late 1970s in Sacramento, California, by Roe, keyboardist/guitarist Mark Tootle, bassist Jan Eric Volz, and drummer Mark Proctor. Guitarist Jimmy A and singer Sharon McCall  also performed occasionally with the band, whose repertoire contained a number of songs penned by English poet and fellow Exit Records musician Steve Scott.

Scratch Band changed its name to "The 77s" just prior to the release of their first album, Ping Pong Over the Abyss, in 1982. Proctor left the band and was replaced by former Temptations/Romeo Void drummer Aaron Smith, who first appeared on All Fall Down and remained with the band until the mid-90s.

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