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6 Gig Bio

6Gig is a rock band from the Portland, Maine area. It is classified by reviewers as an aggro or nu metal  band, although the band is quite hard to classify because the only trait that the band shared with other nu metal bands is downtuned guitars. They actively played at clubs and different locations throughout New England. They released two CDs and several singles, as well as a video for the song "Hit the Ground" that received airplay on MTV2. Before the release of "Mind Over Mind", the band parted ways with drummer Dave Rankin and replaced him with Jason Stewart. Shortly after this, Rankin was found dead from a mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol.

Due to financial troubles at Ultimatum Music, "Mind Over Mind" never received an official release, instead being sold only over the label's website. This decision led the band to put the entire "Mind Over Mind" album online for free download in the summer of 2004 for a short time. The band separated in 2005 and its members have since joined other bands, including singer Walter Craven in Lost on Liftoff and Jason Stewart in Sidecar Radio.

6gig recently reunited for 2 reunion shows at The Big Easy in Portland, Maine. on May 2 & 3, 2008.

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