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3rd Faze was an all-girl pop trio formed by HealthSouth Corporation and its former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard M. Scrushy to perform on HealthSouth's Go For It! Roadshow, a touring show produced by the company.

The idea of creating and promoting a pop group through the show was suggested by music producer Tim Coons, who added his own girl group, "Real" to a Go For It! show in Salt Lake City. 3rd Faze, made up of Halie Clark, Minia Corominas and Sara Marie Rauch, was created in September 2000 under a five-year agreement with Coons' Atlantic Music Company. The name, chosen by Coons, referred to the "3 phases" of life (past, present and future). On April 27, 2001 the trio signed a performance and recording contract with GFI Productions, the HealthSouth subsidiary which produced the Go For It! Roadshow. RDR Worth Music Publishing, a limited liability corporation formed by Scrushy, Don Perry and Ralph Stringer, acted as go-between. 3rd Faze released a self-titled album in September 2001 on the Edeltone label.


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