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Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

3rd Bass Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Ace In The Hole
2 Steppin' to The A.M.
3 Microphone Techniques
4 Who's on Third
5 Soul in the Hole
6 Derelicts of Dialect
7 Wordz of Wizdom (Remix)
8 Steppin' To The A.M.
9 Wordz of Wisdom (Remix)
10 The Gas Face (remix)
11 Gasface
12 Hit the Road Jack
13 Steppin' To The A.M.
14 Steppin' to the A.M.
15 Portrait of the Artist as a Hood (A.K.A. 3rd Bass Theme) (LP version)
16 Pop Goes the Weasel (Radio Edit)
17 Portrait of the Artist as a Hood (remix)
18 Sons Of 3rd Bass - 3rd Bass
19 Portrait of the Artist as a Hood (A.K.A. 3rd Bass Theme) (remix)
20 Gas Face
21 Steppin’ to the A.M.
22 Steppin’ to the A.M.
23 The Gas Face - 3rd Bass
24 Portrait of the Artist as a Hood
25 Pop Goes the Weasel
26 Steppin' to the a.M.
27 Brooklyn-Queens
28 Brooklyn-Queens - 3rd Bass
29 French Toast
30 Herbalz in Your Mouth
31 Steppin' to the A.M.
32 Brooklyn-Queens (The U.K. Power mix)
33 Product Of The Environment - 3rd Bass
34 Green Eggs and Swine
35 Word to the Third
36 Steppin’ to the A.M.
37 Brooklyn-Queens (Power radio edit)
38 Wordz Of Wizdom - 3rd Bass
39 Problem Child
40 Sea Vessel Soliloquy
41 Steppin' To The A.M.
42 Brooklyn-Queens (LP version)
43 Oval Office - 3rd Bass
44 No Static at All
45 Daddy Rich in the Land of 1210
46 Steppin' To The A.M.
47 Brooklyn-Queens (dub mix)
48 Soul In The Hole - 3rd Bass
49 No Master Plan No Master Race
50 Product of the Environment (remix)
51 Steppin' To The A.M.
52 Brooklyn-Queens (2nd Bass mix)
53 Stymie's Theme
54 Come In
55 Product of the Environment
56 Steppin' to the A.M.
57 Steppin’ to the A.M.
58 Flippin’ off the Wall Like Lucy Ball
59 Russell Rush
60 Sons of 3rd Bass
61 Monte Hall
62 Steppin' to the A.M.
63 Al’z A-B-Cee’z
64 M.C. Disagree
65 Derelict of Dialect (LP version)
66 The Cactus
67 Steppin' To The A.M.
68 Brooklyn / Queens (UK Power Mix)
69 Desert Boots
70 Derelict of Dialect (SD50 remix)
71 Wordz of Wizdom
72 Steppin' to the A.M.
73 Al'z A-B-Cee'z
74 Jim Backus
75 Oval Office
76 The Gas Face
77 Steppin' to the A.M.
78 Kick Em In The Grill
79 Episode #3
80 Hoods
81 Triple Stage Darkness

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3rd Bass Bio

3rd Bass was an American hip-hop group that rose to fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and was notable for being one of the first successful interracial hip-hop groups.

MC Serch (Michael Berrin), Prime Minister Pete Nice (Peter J. Nash), and DJ Richie Rich (Richard Lawson) were the three founding members of the group. Richie Rich was a local D.J., while Nice was an English major at Columbia University and hosted a hip hop show on Columbia's student radio station, WKCR-FM. Serch performed at clubs and block parties, and released a single called "Hey Boy" on independent label Idlers.

Record producer Sam Sever (real name Sam Citrin) convinced Nice and Serch to work together in 1987. Sever, Prince Paul, and The Bomb Squad produced their 1989 debut, The Cactus Album, a critically acclaimed LP that went gold and contained a minor hit in "The Gas Face." The accompanying video, which featured a bevy of humorous cameo appearances that included Gilbert Gottfried, Flavor Flav, Salt-n-Pepa, and EPMD, garnered respectable MTV airplay and the single peaked at #5 on Billboard's Top Rap Singles, though it did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3rd_Bass

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