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Genre: Rock

36 Crazyfists Bio

36 Crazyfists is a four-piece metal band originating from Anchorage, Alaska. They are now based in Portland, Oregon. The band's name comes from a Jackie Chan movie, Jackie Chan And The 36 Crazy Fists. They have released six studio albums, In the Skin, Bitterness the Star, A Snow Capped Romance, Rest Inside the Flames, The Tide And Its Takers and Collisions and Castaways.

36 Crazyfists was formed in 1994 in Anchorage, Alaska. The original members were vocalist Brock Lindow, guitarists Steve Holt and Ryan Brownell, bassist JD Stuart, and drummer Thomas Noonan. Holt is from Kenai, and Lindow spent much of his childhood there. Lindow, Brownell, Stuart, and Noonan are all from Anchorage. They released their first EP, Boss Buckle, in 1995 on cassette. In July 1996, bassist JD Stuart died in a car accident. At that time, Brownell retired from the band and the remaining members recruited bassist Mick Whitney, who is also from Anchorage.

In 1997, the band released their second EP, Suffer Tree. 36CF then relocated to Seattle, WA, where they released their full length debut CD, In the Skin. They next moved to Portland, OR. In 1999, they released a 4-song demo that, through their friends in Skinlab, ended up in the hands of Monte Conner, A&R Rep at Roadrunner Records.

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