2 Fabiola Song Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

2 Fabiola Bio

2 Fabiola was a Belgian euro-house group, formed in the nineties by Pat Krimson (Patrick Claesen) and Zohra.

The group was noted for its lavish and extravagant clothes and performances. It has also made the charts in the Belgian Ultratop. In the Ultratop 50 and Ultratop 40, they topped the charts. In 1999, the group took a break. Zohra started a solo career, and Pat Krimson led another project of his, called Nunca. After a while, a new 2 Fabiola is presented to the world, introducing singer Evi Goffin (Medusa, Lasgo).

After releasing some singles, the group disappeared from the Belgian music scene.

In 2007, Krimson announced the band’s comeback, introducing 2 new singers. Their last single, “Blow Me Away”, was published in July 2008.

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