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1 Wannagain Wannagain
2 Sweet Life
3 Every Little Bit Counts
4 Except Death
5 Feel Good Hit of the Fall
6 Must Be the Moon (radio edit)
7 Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
8 Bend Over Beethoven
9 Sick Ass Moon
10 Careful
11 Hammerhead (TripleShotMonger mix)
12 Must Be the Moon (radio clean edit)
13 Hollow
14 Break In Case of Anything
15 Til The Money Runs Out
16 Station (Meet Me At The)
17 Dear Can
18 Must Be the Moon (Emperor Machine mix)
19 Jump Back
20 Infinifold
21 All The Way
22 The Most Certain Sure (Live Spencer Remix)
23 Shit Scheisse Merde, Part 1
24 Must Be the Moon (Hot Chip remix)
25 Even Judas Gave Jesus a Kiss
26 Slyd
27 I Feel So Free (Citation Needed)
28 Shit Scheisse Merde, Pt. 1
29 Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story)
30 Must Be the Moon (original mix)
31 Steady As the Sidewalk Cracks
32 Slyd (Patrick Ford Extended Mix)
33 Butt DialBitter Lemon
34 Pardon My Freedom (Live At Liquidroom Ebisu)
35 Pardon My Freedom
36 Must Be the Moon
37 Me and Guiliani Down By the School Yard (A True Story)
38 One Girl One Boy (Maurice Fulton Remix)
39 Freedom! '15
40 Hello? Is This Thing On? (Live At Liquidroom Ebisu)
41 Dear Can (Maurice Fulton vocal mix)
42 Yadnus (Radio Edit)
43 When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Karazzee
44 Broadway [Gimme The Lights On] (Jim Eno Version)
45 Ooo
46 Shit Scheisse Merde, Pt. 1 (Instrumental)
47 When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Karazzee (Serious Bonus Beats mix)
48 Yadnus (Still Going to the Roadhouse Mix)
49 King's Weed
50 Californiyeah feat. Main Attrakionz (Patrick Ford Mix)
51 All U Writers
52 Must Be the Moon (Justin Vandervolgen's "He's Kinda Rhythm, I'm More Like Lead Guitar" remix)
53 Hello? Is This Thing On?
54 Heart of Hearts (DJ Kaos HoH Extend)
55 S**t S******e M***e, Pt. 1
56 S**t S******e M***e, Pt. 2
57 Californiyeah (Anthony Naples Mix)
58 One Girl/One Boy
59 Yadnus (Still Going to the Roadhouse remix)
60 Dear Can (BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe Sessions)
61 Must Be The Moon (Emperor Machine Dub Mix)
62 Sunday 5:17 A.M. (Justin B. Remix)
63 Broadway [Gimme The Lights On] (Romare Mix)
64 One Girl / One Boy
65 The Step
66 Take Ecstasy With Me
67 Heart of Hearts (Scottie B Remix)
68 S**t S******e M***e, Pt. 1 (instrumental)
69 Slyd (Alex Burkat Remix)
70 Californiyeah
71 Hammerhead
72 Get Up
73 Yadnus
74 The Hammer
75 Gonna Guetta Stomp
76 Even When the Water's Cold
77 KooKooKa Fuk-U
78 Theme From Space Island
79 There’s No Fucking Rules, Dude
80 AM/FM
81 Blue
82 Lucy Mongoosey
83 Even When the Water’s Cold
84 Storm the Legion
85 Heart of Hearts (version edit)
86 The Most Certain Sure
87 Myth Takes
88 Funk (I Got This)
89 Get That Rhythm Right
90 There's No Fucking Rules, Dude
91 Heart of Hearts (The Brothers mix)
92 All My Heroes Are Weirdos
93 A New Name
94 Bam City
95 Fine Fine Fine
96 Intensify
97 Heart of Hearts

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